#TogetherWe Listen

Personally I have not been affected by mental health, however, a really good mate of mine has been.

When they told me about it, it made me feel awful inside as the person wanted to tell us but didn’t know how. There's a social stigma which surrounds mental health, meaning that people prefer to let it swallow them up rather than share it. When they told me about how they had been struggling for around a year, it brought me to tears, as the person knows I’d go to the end of the world for them. It made me feel awful as I know I could have made more effort with them but I got distracted by uni life and got stuck in that uni bubble.

This is my experience of mental health and I know everyone says it, but it’s so true - if you are being affected by mental health talk to someone, message someone. Going through it alone will be harder than going through it with someone else.

Raising more awareness of mental health and normalising it is the duty of society and is key for saving lives and improving people’s lives.

Why is something which affects so many people a taboo subject?

- Anon

If you have a story you would like to be told as part of this campaign, please email or submit it anonymously through this form.

Save a life - share this campaign on social media and with your friends, family and church. Check up on your friends and talk to someone if you are struggling with something. If you have been affected by any issues presented in this post, or are dealing with anything, we urge you to talk to someone and seek professional medical advice.

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