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The Route 66 Movement was founded in 2017 as a way to encourage honesty and openness within the Christadelphian community.

The idea behind Route 66 is to have no single lyricist, composer or songwriter; we aren’t the same group of people getting up on stage every time - Route 66 is a movement. It’s all of us with God in Worship.

Over time we’ve come to understand that Worship is not praise. Praise is but a part of Worship. Worship is life! Worship is love! Worship is surrendering yourself before your God and shouting, “Lord, I am not worthy... but You have saved me!” And as much, Worship is standing at the back of the crowd, quietly.

So we will worship God and Jesus, our saviour, by thanking them for this opportunity to exist! We will worship with all of our hearts, and all of our souls, and all of our minds in any way we so desire.


At the same time we sing for each other; songs to remind those suffering that they are not alone. There is pain is this world, so there is pain in our songs. Not every day is full of joy - some are despairing, but there is always hope.

That is why Route 66 Movement is not just songs of praise, or jubilant shouts; it is real experience, real life, how we deal with one another on a human level and it captures our journeys. We can always learn more, and what better way to learn than to tell others our story and listen to theirs?

We hope this story is enough to encourage people to share their stories and journeys with us - life is no fun alone - and while we walk this path we hope that others will be enticed to join us. To allow people in we must be accepting, understanding, thoughtful, kind, and cast not judgement, but pour out love upon those around us and tell them the Good News that is the LORD JESUS CHRIST!